Frequently Asked Questions


We will be releasing Years 7 to 10 in Term 3 with a plan to have Years 11 and 12 in place for Term 4.

Unfortunately at this stage you need to use our questions for the automatic marking to work. We have a plan to be able to add your own questions in 2024.

All of our questions have been generated or reviewed by a panel of maths teachers who each have over 25 years experience.

The question bank contains enough questions at each level that you should not get repeat questions for years.


Our pricing is based on a per student basis. This parallels the marking effort.

Yes, of course. Our pricing is based on a 10 month year with January and December being free.  If you sign up during the year you will simply pay proportionally.

We are currently in the process of identifying 12 development schools to assist us in making TeacherEA even better. Your feedback will help drive us forward. In return you will get 2 years of free usage.


We are currently going through the certification process and will advise when this is complete.

The following student data is stored within our application. - Student first and last name
 - Unique Student Identifier

All of our data is encrypted during transit and at rest.